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Nevermore the Shadow Fiend

 As my favourite hero, Nevermore will be the first one I'll cover.
Here he comes, at his finest!

1.1 Pros and cons :

(+)Shadowraze splits into 3 sepparate spells on sepparate cooldowns, which is a pretty nice burst dmg
(+)Not really item dependant
(+)Low mana cost spells usable for last hitting
(+)Very good dmg once you have gathered souls
(+)Highest AoE dmg in the game

(-)No escape technique
(-)NOT friendly to begginers
(-)Low starting dmg --> hard for last hitting early game

1.2 Stats

 Nevermore is agility based hero.His starting stats are :
15 + 2.0 per lvl

 20 + 2.4 per lvl

18 + 2.0 per lvl

(As you can see his starting stats are alittle below average, but his stat gain is above average.This balance makes him flexible and adaptable to the situation.)

1.3 Spells and abilities

Nevermore has 2 active and 2 passive skills and they are all offensively oriented.

 1) Shadowraze: His first skill is called Shadowraze, it's one of his active skills and also the main weapon in his arsenal.It splits into 3 sepparate spells, that don't share a cooldown. All 3 spells do 75/150/225/300 dmg as it's leveled up (1-4). They all hit a location at a specific distance from him (200 units (z)/450 units (x)/700 units (c) ). In early- and midgame Shadowraze is extremely effective, so mastering its targetting sistem is the key to a successful game.

 2) Necromastery: His second skill is passive. It gives you the ablity gain +2 dmg everytime you kill anything (denying also counts), with a maximum of +60 dmg (30 souls) at lvl 4. Necromastery should be maxed out right after Shadowraze as it is directly related to his ultimate.

 3) Pressence of the Dark Lord: Another passive ability. Reduces the armour of all enemies around him with 1/2/4/5.

 4) Requem of Souls: After channeling 1 second Nevermore releases the gathered souls in all directions around him each of them dealing dmg. The more souls you have in stock, the more lines it will hit.

1.4 Skill builds:

His balanced stat gain gives him the opportunity to develop in 2 different game styles. The first one is AoE oriented and is considered the better one because Nevermore is known to be an AoE carry/semi-carry more than Agility dps carry.

1)Necromastery/Shadowraze                           9)Requem of souls
2)Shadowraze/Necromastery                          10)Stats
3)Shadowraze                                                 11)Requem of souls
4)Necromastery                                              12-15)Stats
5)Shadowraze/Necromastery                          16)Requem of Souls
6)Necromastery/Shadowraze                          17-21)Stats
7)Shadowraze/Necromastery                          21-25)Pressence of the Dark Lord
His ultimate does not need to be leveled ASAP. If you get it at lvl 6 it won't do that much dmg because your Necromastery will be at lvl 3, so I recommend that you leave it for when you have 30 souls.But if your early game is going very well and you've done a few kills, leveling up faster than the others you can try to gank with Requem of souls at lvl 6. Although it will be pretty hard on your own.

1)Necromastery/PotDK                                   9)Requem of Souls
2)PotDK/Necromastery                                  10)Stats
3)Necromastery/PotDK                                  11)Requem of Souls
4)PotDK/Necromastery                                  12-15)stats
5)Necromastery/PotDK                                  16)Requem of Souls
6)PotDK/Necromastery                                  17-21)Stats
7)Necromastery/PotDK                                  22-25)Shadowraze
This build is alittle bit unconventional. On this build Nevermore relys on phisical dps, which is not exactly his greater strenght. I've tried it and it proved to be useful but you need a very good early game to buy all the dps items you will need. This build will be most effective if you have another armor reducing heroe on your team (such as Slardar, Vengeful Spirit, Shadow Priest etc, or another Assault Cuirass carrier).For more advanced players I should say it's not as fun to play it as the AoE build and a bit harder, but it's a challenge. :)

Ok, lets say some things for his spells and abilities in general. I don't think I can say anything more about Shadowraze, it's just your primary burst dmg. All you need is to train the lenghts of the different spells and from one point you will se how it will become a reflex.
Necromastery is the most nessecery spell. You need it no matter how you are going to work Nevermore up, you just need it, for the dmg or for the souls themselves. The tricky part is that you lose 50% of your current souls if you die, so I recommend farming them back up in the forest or in an empty line before you start hunting heroes again.
Pressence of the Dark Lord is 100% situational. It depends on the heroes on your team but mostly on the enemy heroes. If there are high armour targets, lvl it up before the stat gain.
Requem of Souls is the one that may need some more explanation. It has 2 weak spots. First you have 1 second casting time before you unleash it. And 1 second is more than enough for a player thats not a newby to interrupt you, if he has an interrupting spell ofcourse. Be careful, any stun, ministun, pushback or sielence effect will do the job and when interrupted you will still need to wait for the CD. Its second weak spot is again conected to the channeling time. But it's the range this time. The closer you are to the target, the more souls will hit him thus he will take more dmg and be slowed for a bigger percentage. That means you need a positioning item (Lothars edge/Kelens dagger) but such an item can still be not enough. It is best for your positioning if there is a mass stunner/slower with you to make it hard for them to move. Your best chance, ofcourse are team fights. If you blink in from nowhere in the middle of the fight you will cause chaos and disorder. In this case most players will just run in the first direction they see in panic, making them an easy prey for your teammates.

 2.0 Picking the lane:
1)The middle lane - Maybe the best choice for Nevermore, you have access to both runes which is good for you as Nevermore is a ganker, you lvl up faster and double lanes become far easier to gank.
2)The side lane - The side lane can be a good choice too. It's supperior to "x" as it has 2 additional shops, but it lacks on exp and gold because you have to share it.

 3.0 Item build:

 3.1 Starting items:
 I like starting with a bottle, then boots, bracer(or two if I'm being harrased) and then power treads, so:
1)Ap mode:
-Bottle (middle)
-2xCirclet of nobility, 2xGG branch and a potion (side lane)
2)Ar mode:
-Bottle, Courier (the courier is quite useful as it can refill your bottle at the fountain while you are not missing gold and exp on the line)[middle]

 3.2 Core items
-Power Treads(preferably on strenght, because with Necromastery +8 dmg doesn't make a big difference and he can really use the bonus hp) 1 or 2xBracer, Bottle, Kelens Dagger/Lothars edge, Black King Bar(it's optional, if you face disablers)

 3.3 Luxury Items
-Manta Style,Butterfly
-Eye of Skady/Helm of the Dominator-->Satanic/Desolator

 4.0 Friends and Foes

 4.1 Friends:
The best co-heroes for Nevermore are heroes with mass disabling and semi-disabling spells.
-Magnataur, Dark Seer, Enigma
*Those heroes are your best friends, because they can bring the whole team in a single spot and except the Dark Seer, make them stay in that exact spot long enough for you to blink in and kill them with your ultimate.
-Leviathan, Sven, Sand King, Tauren Chieftan etc...
*Well it's just mass disable. I don't think it needs any extra explanation.

 4.2 Foes
His worst enemies are nukers.Nevermore is fragile and Vanguard and Hood of Defiance don't help you kill, so you don't buy them. Be careful with nukers atleast until you finish your BKB.
Except nukers, be careful with the disablers. [Look at the explanation of the ultimate]

   Well that's all. I hope you liked it and it will be useful. Good luck and have fun! :)

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